CoronaVirus update for March 2020

Dear Sundance Printing Customer,

We wanted to let you know what you can expect from Sundance Printing during this coronavirus situation.

This is an uncertain time for all of us. Sundance Printing is a small business owned by residents of Parker who employ local people. We’re all working and living through the impact of these times right beside you.

After some consideration, we’ve decided to remain open. Sundance Printing is still available to you Monday – Friday from 8:30-5:00, and sometimes on Saturday when you call us in a panic because you forgot to pick up something you needed for the weekend. 😉

For the next month or so, since things are weird, feel free to text Wes on his cell phone (Call the shop at 303-841-3094 and we’ll give it to you) if you need him. Chances are excellent he’ll be available to help get your job to you. Be sure to let him know who you are so he doesn’t think you’re spam.

We’ve also implemented an after-hours dropbox next to the front door. If you need to pick up your completed job outside of regular hours, let us know and we’ll put it out there for you. You could also use the dropbox to leave artwork for us. Please understand that this box is not locked and you’ll need to let us know you put something in there.

While we always love to see you in the shop, in this era of “social distancing” and self-quarantines, know that you can do everything you need to do at Sundance over the phone or online. Call us for quotes or updates. Send files through or by email. Check your proofs online or by email. Call us to pay by credit card.

Plus, we have always happily delivered or shipped your jobs and that won’t change, either. Just tell us!

If you do come into the shop, know that we are all about hygiene. We have hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and we use them regularly. (It goes without saying we won’t come in if we’re sick, and we’d prefer it if you don’t either.)

If you are out and about, but don’t want to come inside the shop, just give us a call, tell us you’re out front, and we’ll be happy to carry your job to your car. Pop the trunk and we’ll plop it right inside for you. Easy peasy.

You may find yourself in need of a little bit of extra marketing for your business during these times. Remember that mail still reaches your customers when you and your salespeople can’t. We can help you design impactful marketing pieces. And we’ll take them directly to the post office for you.

You may be prepping for changes in your own industry, so if there’s anything you’d like help with that you’ve never encountered before, just ask. If we can’t do it, perhaps we know who can.

Since 1994 Sundance Printing has provided you with excellent service, fair prices, and peace of mind for all your printing, sign-making, and mailing needs. No virus will ever change that. Guaranteed.

Call us if we can help you. Stay safe, stay sane, and let’s all keep our fingers crossed we’re over the worst of this soon.

We’ll get through it together,

Wes, Becky, Amy, and London

[email protected]
[email protected]