Mailing Services

Mailing Services

If you want to reach local businesses or homeowners in the area, our mailing services would make a great fit for you. Our mailing routes include: Parker, Franktown, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Kiowa Centennial, Foxfield, Chenango, and Aurora, Colorado. Go to our Mailing Routes page to see what routes are available in Parker.

Sundance Printing,  can handle your project from design to mailing. True one-stop shopping. We have equipment that inkjets addresses onto your self-mailer or envelope. The benefit of this is that we can get you the lowest possible postage price from the Post Office because it is barcoded and sorted so they have very little work to do to handle your mailing. An added benefit is that fewer pieces are returned  to you by the Post Office because our software determines duplicate, incomplete or wrong addresses. (We can provide this report to you for an additional charge. Ain’t that always the case.)

If you’ve ever had to label newsletters (or anything!) by hand, you’ll understand the benefits of having us handle the entire process from addressing and sorting all the way through standing in line at the Post Office for you.

Using Sundance Printing for your mailing services will save you extraordinary amounts of time and aggravation, and will save you postage costs as well. Every time. Guaranteed.

If you want to take advantage of our mailing services, here’s the deal:

1. Your mailing needs to be at least 200 pieces, all the same size and shape, mailing on the same day.

2. You need to supply us with your database file or spreadsheet, with current addresses. You can export from your contact manager software to a .dbf (database) file or supply a comma delimited file or Excel spreadsheet. Give any of these to us on a disk or emailed to Sundance Printing.

3. If we didn’t print the job, we need you to give it to us.

4. After we sort and verify the addresses for Post Office requirements, we’ll let you know how much the postage will cost. We’ll need a check made payable to “Postmaster” and then you’re done and can sit back and drink the beverage of your choice. Feet up or down, shoes on or off…it’s entirely your call.

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